Two-Factor Authentication


Penn State’s Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) service provides a second layer of protection to a user’s digital identity (for example, an Access Account), as well adding protection to data, systems, and services.

Getting Started: 

If you are a Penn State technical contact who needs to implement an integration of 2FA for an application or system, then go to the 2FA Integration Process page. If you are a member of the Penn State community who would like to enroll, then go to the How to Enroll in Two-Factor Authentication page.

More Information: 

Enrollment Tips

2FA Enrollment

2FA is Like Wearing a Seat Belt

2FA Enrollment Statistics


This service is part of the Accounts, and the Security and Privacy categories.



  • This is an active service


  • This service is available for users in the following groups: faculty, researchers, staff, IT professionals, and students


  • Users must have a Penn State Access Account user ID and password (Not intended for use with Short-Term Access Accounts—STAAs)
  • Installation of the Duo Mobile app for users intending to use Duo Push with a smartphone
  • Inquiries about accessible device alternatives and other token options should be directed to Identity Services


  • Service licensing is centrally funded, and smartphone/mobile app are free with use of this service
  • Service telephony credits for call use and SMS messages with traditional cell phones and landline phones is currently covered through ITS and is periodically subject to review
  • Text messages and voice calls are sent only when a user requests them (and should never be necessary with a smartphone) and would be billed by the user’s carrier in the same way that any other text message or call would be based on a user’s carrier plan. Penn State will not reimburse users for these charges. Note: If the charges when using Duo exceed a level that a user is comfortable with, then the user should consider switching to a landline phone rather than a cell phone for use with 2FA (understanding the limitations of a stationary phone)
  • Hardware token devices typically used with this service are priced at $22.00 per device. Additional cost for other hardware token device alternatives can be expected. To purchase a hardware token, visit the Duo Token page of the Software at Penn State site