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Penn State Wireless is a wireless connection standard developed by the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology to enable departments to have an identical setup so that the Penn State community can move from one building to another seamlessly without losing internet (Wi-Fi) access.

Penn State Wireless is for individuals with a Penn State Access ID; visitors have access to the Penn State guest network.

Getting Started: 

Penn State Wireless is easy to use and only requires a one-time download and configuration. Once configured, if you are in a location that has Penn State Wireless you simply need to connect to the "psu" network and begin to use the wireless network for your tasks.


More Information: 

Penn State Wireless Services

Set Up Penn State Wireless


This service is part of the Networking category.




  • This is an active service


  • Anyone with an active Penn State Access Account can use Penn State Wireless








Information Security: 

  • The Penn State Wireless 2.0 service incorporates 802.1X wireless authentication and encryption methods that are aimed at enabling an improved level of security and improved performance; users no longer have to download a VPN or relaunch a VPN session when moving from building to building








  • There is no charge for accessing and using Penn State Wireless


  • For Penn State Wirelss support, contact your unit's IT support or call 814-865-4357