Data Commons


Penn State's Data Commons provides a resource for data sharing, discovery, and archiving for the Penn State research and teaching community.

Access to information is vital to the research, teaching, and outreach conducted at Penn State. The Data Commons at PSU serves as a data discovery tool, a data archive for research data created by PSU for projects funded by agencies like the National Science Foundation, as well as a portal to data, applications, and resources throughout the university. The Data Commons facilitates interdisciplinary cooperation and collaboration by connecting people and resources and by:

  • Acquiring, storing, documenting, and providing discovery tools for Penn State based research data, final reports, instruments, models and applications.
  • Highlighting existing resources developed or housed by Penn State.
  • Supporting access to project/program partners via collaborative map or web services.
  • Providing metadata support, citation information, and links to related publications and project websites.

Members of the Penn State community can easily share and house their data through the Data Commons. Data Commons at PSU will also develop metadata for researcher data and provide information to support NSF, NIH, or other agency data management plans.

Getting Started: 

To get started, visit the Data Commons website, where you will have the option to share data, find data, or browse through the latest additions.

More Information: 

Data Commons About Page

Data Commons Apps & Tools


This service is part of the Research Data category.



  • This is an active service


  • Members of the Penn State community are welcome to utilize Data Commons as a repository for sharing and housing data related to their research; anyone is welcome to access the data stored at Data Commons


Information Security: 

  • Data Commons is an open data repository