ScholarSphere is Penn State’s institutional repository for research and scholarly work produced by the University community. Through ScholarSphere, Penn State researchers - faculty, students, and staff alike - are able to share their work on a worldwide scale and be assured of its long-term preservation and thus ongoing access.

As the institutional repository for Penn State, ScholarSphere provides the following:

  • A self-deposit service for faculty, students, and staff to make their scholarship openly accessible
  • Flexible access and visibility controls for the content you deposit
  • Assistance in complying with data management planning and data sharing requirements
  • A service for researchers to deposit their datasets and link to them from their published articles, as often required by journal publishers

The University Faculty Senate at Penn State passed an open access resolution in April 2015. Faculty are encouraged to share their research outputs via ScholarSphere - for articles, deposit the pre-published versions (original manuscripts), or the post-published versions (i.e., peer-reviewed and final version of the article before being sent to the journal for publication - will usually not be formatted to look like the published version).

Getting Started: 

For more information, please see ScholarSphere's about page.

More Information: 

ScholarSphere FAQ


This service is part of the Research Data category.



  • This is an active service


  • ScholarSphere welcomes deposits from the Penn State community - faculty, students (undergraduates and graduates), postdoctoral researchers, administrators, and staff
  • Deposit of Penn State co-authored materials is also encouraged, provided the co-author has secured any requisite copyright permissions for deposit in ScholarSphere


Information Security: 

  • ScholarSphere is an open access repository


  • There is no cost to deposit materials with ScholarSphere