Databrary, a joint project of Penn State and NYU, is a web-based data library for developmental scientists to securely store, manage, share, discover, and reuse research data, including videos, audio files, procedures and stimuli, and related metadata.

Databrary provides a secure and permanent repository for research data, backed by the resources of New York University's IT Department. In addition, Databrary has implemented a rigorous policy framework designed to permit the sharing and re-use of research data containing personally identifying information, with participant consent, in an ethical and efficient way. With a Databrary Access Agreement signed by their institution, researchers can re-use other scientists' data, improving reliability and transparency, and making data collection more cost effective.

Researchers can also find illustrative video clips to use for teaching and conference presentations. Because Databrary provides persistent identifiers (DOIs) to shared datasets, researchers gain citation credit for their work. While there are other data repositories, Databrary is unique in allowing both uploading of research data as well as access to multiple datasets containing personally identifying information with one access agreement.

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