Penn State Research Portal is the University’s implementation of Pure: an application that stores and allows retrieval of information on investigators, research units, and research output (such as publications). The Penn State Research Portal acts as a public-facing interface that captures research output at the university.

The system captures and displays the research output of the University, both for investigators and units. Research information is aggregated from internal and external sources. The Pure portal is fully accessible to the public, and enhances the visibility and discoverability of research at Penn State, both internally and externally.

With the Penn State Research Portal, users can:

  • Search for collaborators by topic - enter a keyword into the search
  • Analyze a block of text and find researchers with related work
  • See recent publications, and view article metrics such as citations, news mentions, or Mendeley readers
  • Search for researchers outside of Penn State

Getting Started: 

To get started, visit the Penn State Research Portal directly, or learn more about Pure through the College of Medicine's About Pure page.



  • This is an active service


  • Anyone may view and search Pure
  • The content of the Research Portal captures the work of those at Penn State who are active in research, either publishing or as scientists. The database does not include instructors or lecturers (except in the case of Penn State Law or the College of Medicine, where these appointments are active in research.) As such, current eligible persons include:
    • Researchers university-wide (all locations)
    • Academic appointments in research – E. g. Professors, Research Associates, Research Assistants, Scientists, librarians
    • Additional staff when appropriate (institute directors, Deans, the Vice President for Research)
    • In the future, Post-docs and Graduate students will be able to add themselves into the portal if they choose



  • There is no cost to the user for utilizing the Pure service