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Invent Penn State is a Commonwealth-wide initiative to spur economic development, job creation, and student career success. The service provides users with many resources; signature programs and tools can help users start up and grow a business, find licensable technologies and investment opportunities, and get to know the innovation community. Some resources include:

  • Resource Navigator: entrepreneurship and innovation resources in PSU communities across PA
  • Intellectual Property Navigator: a showcase of Penn State’s intellectual property available for licensing
  • Startup Navigator: a showcase of startups with Penn State DNA
  • Events Calendar: entrepreneurship and innovation events at PSU campus communities and innovation hubs
  • Innovation Gateway for Industry: a tool for industry to post research challenges and receive curated proposals from cross-disciplinary Penn State experts
  • PA Innovation Hubs:No-cost co-working space, accelerator programs and business and legal advice for entrepreneurs
  • Fund For Innovation: stage gate funding for Penn State’s most commercially promising research and emerging technologies
  • NSF I-Corps Program: accelerator programs and microgrants for customer discovery and prototyping

Getting Started: 

For more information, visit the Invent Penn State website directly, or contact the Invent concierge.

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