Data Transfer Services on Roar and Roar Collab


There are many ways to transfer data to and from Roar and Roar Collab, with options suitable for large datasets, secure data, transfers between institutions, and more. Details on these methods can be found in the Roar User Guide and the Roar Collab User Guide. Contact the iAsk center if you have any questions regarding using one of these specialized tools.

Getting Started: 

Visit the Roar System Overview page to learn about Roar and to get started.

Visit the Introducing Roar Collab page to learn about Roar Collab and to get started.

More Information: 

Data Use Agreements FAQ


This service is part of the Research Data category.



  • This is an active service

Information Security: 


  • The Institute for Computational and Data Sciences i-Ask Center is available to assist users with support questions.