Users would utilize CORES in two situations: 

  • They are the manager of an instrumentation facility and need a mechanism for scheduling and billing users
  • If they are the user of an instrumentation facility and are being asked to use CORES as part of using the facility

The mission of the Office of the Vice President for Research is to support a rigorous program of faculty and student research and creative accomplishment by enhancing the environment for scholarly and artistic endeavors, encouraging the highest standards of quality, and fostering ethical conduct in research. As part of the mission of OVPR, CORES (Core Services) is dedicated to providing Penn State’s research community with access to our research core facilities and services. 

Currently CORES supports the management and implementation of the Agilent iLab Core Facility Management system for the various shared resource and service facilities in Penn State’s research community. Agilent's iLab Solutions provides users with a web-based scheduling, ordering, and billing system to provide ease of access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, services, and expert staff.

More Information: 

This service is part of the Administrative and Business, and the Core Facilities categories.



  • This is an active service