Software Available Via Libraries


Computers located in libraries that are managed by Penn State Information Technology offer a variety of software applications. A list of software is available through the IT Computer Lab Software webpage. A number of software programs also are available via remote access, so that users have access to the neccessary tools, no matter what location.

Computers managed by University Park Libraries, located in Pattee and Paterno, offer specialized software, outlined below:

Getting Started: 

For a list of computer locations with pre-installed software and the maximum limit of concurrent users allowed for each software package, see the Libraries Available Software page.

More Information: 

This service is part of the Software and Licensing category.



  • This is an active service


  • Any current faculty, staff, or student


  • A valid Penn State Access ID and password
  • Please note that if the maximum limit of concurrent users is reached for a software package, no matter the location, it will not be available on other computers designated for specialized software packages


  • There is no cost to use the software provided by the libraries as long as the user is utilizing one of the machines on which the software is pre-installed; for a list of computer locations, please see the Libraries Available Software page