Enterprise Software


Enterprise software is computer software used to satisfy the needs of an organization rather than individual users. Penn State has made several enterprise software suites available to University faculty, staff, and students. Read more about the more prominent available software below: 

Adobe Creative Cloud

Through the full suite of Adobe CC products, students and faculty members have access to a host of creative tools for digital imaging, design, web, and video, as well as online services including 20GB of storage. To get started with Adobe Creative Cloud, explore the links below:

Office 365

Penn State has provided Microsoft Office 365 to all of its users. Access to Office 365 includes over fifteen powerful and collaborative applications (including . The University has also utilized Outlook for a single, all-in-one email and calendaring system. To get started with Office 365, explore the links below:

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  • This is an active service




  • There is no cost to Penn State users for utilizing Enterprise Software