Advanced Software


Penn State offers its users with access to certain Advanced Software programming, including SPSS, MATLAB, and Mathematica.


SPSS Statistics is a software package used for interactive, or batched, statistical analysis. Currently, the Penn State SPSS software package allows users to create custom tables, prepare data, identify missing values, forecast, design visualization tools, and exact tests.

Penn State has installed SPSS on all student computers at all campus locations for use at no charge to users. However the software must be purchased from Software @ Penn State as either a Non-Student Penn State Machine License or as a Home Rights Usage on Non-Penn State Machines. No matter which licensing agreement is purchased, SPSS as licensed through Penn State is for Penn State work-from-home or affiliate use only; not for private projects


MATLAB, or "Matrix Laboratory" is a computer program designed for technical calculations. It allows users to implement calculations in a relatively short programming time. When these calculations have been performed, they can be visualized by means of several plot-routines. 

Penn State has installed MATLAB on all of its University Park machines and allows for 30 concurrent users at a time. Software @ Penn State offers MATLAB licensing agreements in the following purchasing formats: Student License, Single License, Classroom/Lab License, and as a Floating/Concurrent License



  • This is an active service


  • Advanced Software is made available for use by Penn State faculty, staff and students for university related education and research purposes only



  • The cost for each available software varies:
    • SPSS is available for eligible users for free on all Penn State student machines; otherwise, please see SPSS Rates
    • MATLAB is available for eligible users for free on all University Park machines; otherwise please see MATLAB Rates