Research Data Management


The Penn State Libraries hosts the Research Data Management (RDM) Team and offers data management consultations, workshops, information sesions, access to funding opportunities, and guidance on both tools and data repositories. The RDM team is also available to consult on the creation of data management plans (DMP).

Getting Started: 

To get started, visit the Research Data Management Services Guide or see the RDM's Data Management Plan Toolkit.

More Information: 

Additional tools and services include:

  • Data Management Plan Tool: Provides templates adhering to U.S. funding agency DMP requirements that walks users through each section of a DMP and generates a plan after completion; the plan is then reviewed by a member of the Research Data Management team.
  • Penn State Data Management Plan Guidance: A set of documents for use by Penn State researchers in preparation of DMPs: 1) DMP guidance based on PSU research administration guidelines and policies; and 2) Boilerplate language to use in a DMP submitted from Penn State.
  • Penn State Data Management Toolkit: Wide variety of resources for managing research data with an emphasis on preparing data management plans and focuses on describing, accessing, reusing, archiving, and preserving research data.
  • Penn State Data Management Plan Tutorial: Instructs on what goes into a data management plan and features short videos of Penn State faculty offering a variety of perspectives of data sharing, preservation, and access.
  • MANTRA - online training in research data management: Free, online short course on the basics of RDM: file formats & transformation: metadata and documentation; data protection, rights, and access; and more.


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  • This is an active service


  • There is no cost to Penn State researchers for utilizing the Research Data Management service