Research Instrumentation


Penn State's interdisciplinary research institutes operate a portfolio of world-class research instrumentation, services, and consulting that are available to internal and external users. 

In addition to browsing the interdisciplinary research institutes, internal and external users can search the facilities and research instrumentation available at Penn State by utilizing the Core Facilities and Instrumentation Searchable Database. For the most inclusive search results, users can search by free text and use both types of instruments and methodologies as search terms. For example, search both "microscope" and "microscopy," or "mass spectrometer" and "mass spectrometry" to find the most appropriate matches. 

Getting Started: 

To get started with Research Instrumentation, visit Capabilities @ Penn State to browse Penn State's interdisciplinary research institutes, advanced research facilities, and additional instrumentation resources.



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  • Eligibility varies by the instrumentation resource requested


  • Requirements vary by the instrumentation resource requested