Computational and Spatial Analysis Core


The Computational and Spatial Analysis (CSA) core provides research support services at all stages of the funded research cycle. Researchers are able to select from a wide variety of services that suit their specific needs ranging from utilizing only a single service to having a core member on the project team for the entire duration of the project. Researchers can draw upon the extensive depth and breadth of the CSA core’s talents and experiences to:

  • design and implement data collection instruments
  • acquire and disseminate data
  • clean and construct complex data files using primary and secondary data
  • provide statistical and spatial analyses
  • manage, document, and archive project files

Getting Started: 

To get started, visit the Computational and Spatial Analysis Core website or the CSA Services page.

More Information: 

Additionally, the CSA core provides programming support, statistical expertise, and software packages for population research. From developing project websites to implementing complex statistical analyses of your research data, the CSA core offers experienced, professional programmers to support your project. 

The CSA core can help researchers with data management needs from pre-proposal planning through dissemination and archiving. The CSA core staff has extensive experience:

  • working with a variety of publicly-available datasets
  • developing primary data collection systems
  • working with highly-sensitive, restricted data
  • managing restricted data contracts and usage agreements


This service is part of the Advanced Technical Services and the Software and Licensing categories.



  • This is an active service