Research Metadata Database


RMD is a collaboration between PSU librariesOVPR, and West Arête; the organization's goal is to provide centralized, consistent access to up-to-date metadata for Penn State faculty research. RMD provides the following services:

  • Research Metadata: RMD maintains an aggregation of publications, presentations, performances, advising, news articles, and bios for Penn State faculty from several major sources including Pure and Activity Insight.
  • Comprehensive API: Clean metadata is published through the RESTful API, adhering to the Ope Standard. Interactive documentation allows users to explore endpoints. 
  • Faculty Profilesino: Users can build profile pages for their college's faculty directory by leveraging a freely available faculty profile template that displays metadata from the API. RMD has created a profile template written in plain HTML/CSS and Javascript that pulls content from the API to present a rich, clean looking profile page.

Getting Started: 

You can find out more by visiting the Research Metadata Database's website directly.

More Information: 

Build a Faculty Profile with the Research Metadatabase Database


This service is part of the Research Data catagories.



  • This is an active service


  • Current Penn State Faculty


Information Security: 

  • Users are only able to query data through the API after they have been granted a liscence key. Liscense keys can be requested via the RMD's request e-mail