Galaxy Consulting Services


Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for accessible, reproducible and transparent computational research. The platform eliminates the complexities inherent in research that require complex programming for high performance compute (HPC) big-data analyses.

Although developed by the bioinformatics community, Galaxy is a flexible platform that can be used for data intensive research in virtually any scientific discipline. Enabling this is the ability to easily wrap tools used within a field of research into a Galaxy environment. 

The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences provides Galaxy-based bioinformatics consulting services for Penn State researchers. Greg Von Kuster is an expert with the Galaxy workbench, and consults with Penn State research labs to make Galaxy the foundational platform for their big-data analysis pipelines.

Getting Started: 

Those interested in building Galaxy environments for their research should send an email to Greg Von Kuster. Greg’s consulting services include building all custom components needed within a Galaxy environment for labs or individual researchers. These services include developing wrappers for research tools not currently available within the Galaxy platform, potentially creating a new Galaxy instance for a field of research.

More Information: 

You can learn more about the Galaxy platform by visiting the Galaxy Community Hub.

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  • Any current faculty, staff, or student

Information Security: 

  • Data transfer and data storage are not encrypted
  • If there are restrictions on the way your research data can be stored and used, please consult your local institutional review board or the project principal investigator before uploading it to any public site, including this Service
  • If you have protected data, large data storage requirements, or short deadlines you are encouraged to set up your own local Galaxy instance and not use this Service
  • Your access to the service may be revoked at any time for reasons deemed necessary by the operators of the Service


  • The Galaxy Web Portal is a free, public, Internet accessible resource (the "Service")