Identity and Access Management


The core components of Identity and Access Management are managing personal information, including protecting the data and an individual’s privacy; managing credentials; and managing access to resources, both those hosted by Penn State and those hosted externally. With Identity and Access Management, each time a student, faculty, or staff member logs into a Penn State website or gains access to externally hosted services (including Yammer at Penn State,, and Skillport), the person’s information—preferred name, address, date of birth, identification numbers, and more—is protected, and his/her identity is secure.

Evolving challenges related to identity management in higher education—how digital information about people is handled—have created a need to balance University policies, business processes, and technology to securely connect people with information and each other while protecting a user’s information and privacy. This approach, called identity and access management, is changing how Penn State treats the digital persona of students, faculty, staff, and designated affiliates.

Getting Started: 

You can find out more about Identity and Access Management through the service’s FAQ or About pages.

It is important to note that in many cases your College, Campus, or Institute may have a Login Domain which requires a Login ID separate from your Penn State Access Account.  To find out more about this scenario, contact your:



  • This is an active service


  • Any current faculty, staff, or student; anyone with a Penn State Access Account



  • There is no charge to Penn State customers for this service