Network Connections


Enterprise Networking & Communication Services (ENCS) provides a core set of networking and communication services to the Penn State community, in support of the University’s mission to be “a multi-campus public research university that improves the lives of the people of Pennsylvania, the nation, and the world, through integrated, high-quality programs in teaching, research, and service.”

This outlet provides services on the broadest scale, at the Enterprise Network level, to the most personal, individual telephone devices and voicemail options. The ENCS LAN Service provides for the design, installation, maintenance, and sparing of LAN networking equipment. While ENCS is responsible for everything from infrastructure planning to troubleshooting, the department’s Local Network Administrator (LNA) can maintain control of moves, adds and changes (MACs) of ports in the telecommunications closet for quick turnaround and flexibility with active port coverage.


Getting Started: 

It is critical to note that in many cases your Local Area Network connections (the wired ethernet connections for the machines in your area) are provided by your:

We recommend you start by contacting your appropriate IT unit.

You can find out more about ENCS by visiting the service's homepage or by browsing the service's resource page.




  • This is an active service