Systems Administration and Security


Researchers often need to run servers, clusters, or groups of desktop and laptop computers as a core part of their research projects. These computational resources should be professionally administered, particularly with respect to IT Security.

If you hosting these systems locally (either in your lab or in your unit's local data center), you should consult with your College IT UnitCampus IT Unit, or Institute IT Unit. If you are hosting these systems at vmHosting, you should consult with vmHosting. If you are hosting these systems in the cloud, you should consult with the Enterprise IT Cloud Program. If you have a large-scale system, you may consider contacting the Institute for CyberScience.

In all cases, your IT Security will need to meet the requirements of Policy AD 95. As a result, you should consider consulting with the Office of Information Security.

Getting Started: 

Contact the appropriate IT unit as detailed above.

More Information: 

This service is part of the Advanced Technical Services, Computing, and Security and Privacy categories.



  • This is an active service


  • All Penn State researchers are eligible

Information Security: 

  • All computing devices must meet the standards of Policy AD95


  • Costs may vary depending on the unit providing the service


  • Support structures will vary depending on the unit that provides the service, contact your local IT Unit for a starting point