Network connectivity that can be utilized for your research projects such as wireless, VPN, data transfer services.

Compliant Networking

Penn State Policy AD96: Acceptable Use of University Information Resources establishes and defines the "acceptable use" of Penn State electronic resources, including, but not limited to, network connections, computer facilities, and additional network services.

Network Connections

Enterprise Networking & Communication Services (ENCS) provides a core set of networking and communication services to the Penn State community, in support of the University’s mission to be “a multi-campus public research university that improves the lives of the people of Pennsylvania, the nation, and the world, through integrated, high-quality progra

Science DMZ Research Network

The Penn State Science DMZ Research Network is designed to enable secure, high-performance research data transfers. Primary use cases are for large-scale data transfers, low-latency data transfers, or other data transfers which demand high performance and active quality monitoring.

Wireless - Penn State

Penn State Wireless is a wireless connection standard developed by the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology to enable departments to have an identical setup so that the Penn State community can move from one building to another seamlessly without losing internet (Wi-Fi) access.

Wireless - Visitor

Visitors to Penn State campuses may access free wireless internet (Wi-Fi) service from personal computers or other wireless enabled devices at any participating visitor wireless location. The wireless network name is "psu-guest."

Service Categories